Connecticut License Plate Lookup

Connecticut License Plate Lookup

To drive legally in the State of Connecticut, you need to register your vehicle. This article will help you to gain the needed information about Connecticut license plates.

The types of license plates in Connecticut

The State requires the vehicle owners to have two license plates on the vehicle. The first one should be on the front side and the second one on the backside. Besides, the State allows having a specialty license plate. Connecticut also permits to have a plate for disabled people.

The owner of a motor vehicle must apply for the license plate within 60 days after buying his/her car. One may get it in person, online, or via Email.

There are several types of license plates in Connecticut:

  • Standard Passenger plates
  • Not- passenger plates
  • Specialty plates
  • Military plates
  • Inactive series
  • Special Number Plates

Connecticut License Plate Lookup : The Special Number Plates for the members of organizations

Connecticut requires the DMV to present the Special Number Plates issuance to the members of the organizations.
There are some requirements you need to follow:

  • The organization must be non-profitable.
  • Must adopt a copy of the law charter of the organization.
  • You must present a letter about your good standing from the Connecticut Secretary of State’s Office.
  • The responsibilities of the organization include the production of the logo and all the costs.
  • There should be appointed an individual who is responsible for keeping in touch with the DMV.

Classic Vehicle Plates

To get a Classic Vehicle vanity plate you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The motor vehicle should be 20 years old (this refers to a model).
  • The vehicle must be registered in Connecticut.
  • In case of having any other type of vanity plates, you need to transfer the plate and turn in your existing plates. After that you should get a new Classic Vehicle plate, that is not used.

The fee of getting a classic vanity plate for the first time is $47 and an extra fee for a two-year registration.

Vanity plates in Connecticut

A vanity plate in CT should contain seven or fewer characters- any combination of letters and numbers. It is not allowed to put extra spaces and dots between the letters.

To get a vanity plate you need to keep up with these requirements:

  • You need to have a CT registration
  • You can not have any unpaid tax or other issues connected to the vehicle.

Stolen or lost license plates

If your plate was mutilated, damaged, stolen, or lost, you may request its replacement. In case of lost or stolen plates, you need to report them to the local police department.

If your plate is lost or stolen, then you need to present the below-mentioned components:

  • A written police report presented to the local Department of Motor Vehicles Hub or Limited Service office. The written police report should contain a remaining plate. Also, it should include your registration certificate, CT insurance card
  • You need to complete a Lost or Stolen marker plate
  • Two off-the-shelf vanity plates will be issued.

Replacement of the license plates

The cost for the plate replacement with the police report will be $5. And without the police report, it will take $25.
If you are an individual, then you need to present the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Connecticut Driver’s license or Non-driver ID number
  • Your date of birth
  • The number of your current license plate
  • The plate class

If you present an organization, then you need to provide the following information:

  • Secretary of State number
  • Your current license plate number
  • The plate class

Cancellation of the registration of your license plate in Connecticut

If you leave the State or you are no longer the owner of the vehicle, you need to cancel your registration. You must return the license plate.

Your vehicle will be considered as a subject of property tax assessment if it is still registered. You may cancel a registration either online or via Email.

So any plate that is not used, should be canceled with the DMV within a short period of time. Or else it will be included in the list of active plates and will generate taxes.

Checking the availability of the license plate in Connecticut

You may look up your license plate requesting it in person, via Email, or online. You may request it also via phone. There are two main ways to get access to the Ct license plate or any information related to the plate. You may use online public databases. You can also send a request to the Connecticut Department of Public Safety or call them.

In order to access the online database, you need to create your account. Then you must pay the fees. In the end, you can start searching by entering the VIN, license plate, or title number in the searching field.

Determining the owner of the boat by license plate in Connecticut

The State requires all boats with motors, sailboats of every size or length to be registered. In case of buying a boat, you will be responsible for getting the boat registered in your name. All the boats should be registered with the DMV.

You need to present evidence of ownership at the moment of registration. After submitting the application and paying the needed fees, they will assign an identification number and a registration certificate. This will be issued with 2 validation decals. The registered number will remain until it is registered in the State.

The registration will be valid until April 30 of the next year. This means that you need to renew it every year. To find who is the owner of the vessel you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You need to check the boat’s registration.
  • Enter the identifying information of the boat.
  • Submit the information about the boat into the Coast Guard-documented database.
  • You may also contact the related agency.

Connecticut License Plate Lookup : The meaning of AA in CT license plates

In Connecticut, almost all the vehicles have license plates beginning with AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, etc. This new policy was established in 2015. The seven-digit numbers combining letters and numbers are common in CT.

DMV started registering these simple 7-digits numbers beginning with two letters. This is to provide a long-term inventory of the plates. When exhausted the DMV will submit BA, BB, BC, BE, and so on.

Getting a license plate in CT for a new car

If you bring your vehicle from another state, then you need to transfer the previous registration to the CT DMV.

But if you want to register your new vehicle in CT, you need to pass an emissions test. You may also present the verified VIN to the CT DMV. After that you need to present the following components:

  • A completed Application for Registration and The title certificate
  • A Bill of Sale
  • A current insurance identification card
  • An acceptable form of identification.

The registration fee

The registration fee can vary from $20 to $120 depending on the vehicle type. You need to pay extra fees:

  • The Federal clean air act fee ($10)
  • The passport to the parks fee ($5)
  • Greenhouse gas reduction fee($5)
  • Late fee ($10)
  • Contractor’s fee ($8).

In case of an emissions test or VIN checking process, you also need to pay $20 for an emissions test. And the cost for VIN inspection is $10.

It may take up to 8 weeks to get your new plate.

Connecticut License Plate : Temporary registration

You may need a temporary registration if you want a safety inspection or emissions test. In this case, you must take the below-mentioned steps:

  1. You must make an appointment at a DMV office and provide the needed documents.
  2. Get your temporary registration.
  3. If the vehicle was registered in your name, then you need to present only your current CT insurance identification card and an acceptable form of identification.

But if the vehicle is not registered in your name, then you will need to present these documents:

  • Title certificate of the previous owner, who must give an ownership assignment.
  • The sale bill.
  • Title certificate and the application of registration.
  • Your CT insurance identification card.
  • An acceptable form of identification.

Transferring the license plate number from the deceased family member in CT

You need to follow these steps to keep the license plate number of the member of the immediate family.

  • First, you need to proceed to your local DMV HUB Office or Limited Service Office.
  • You must present the certificate of title. And the title must be assigned to the new owner from the Administrator or the executor of the estate.
  • You should submit an original certified document of Probate Court Appointment or authority of the owner of the vehicle.
  • You have to present your current Connecticut Insurance card in your name.
  • The recent registration certificate is a must.
  • Identification is an important part of the registration process.

The registration can not proceed if there are unpaid taxes or owed parking tickets. And also if the registration is under suspension, then it will slow down the registration process. You need to present an authorized letter from the executor of the estate or administrator to transfer the plate.

Your license plate application may be refused for one or more reasons, check out which license plates Connecticut banned.

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