Connecticut Banned License Plates

Connecticut Banned License Plates

Every year there are plenty of vanity plate requests received in the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. But requesting a unique plate you need to consider, that it can be rejected after the review. In this article, you may find all the needed information about the Connecticut Banned License Plates.

The common reasons for the license plate refusal

If you are going to request a unique tag for your vehicle, then you should take into account the common reasons of the license plate refusal:

  • Inappropriate and offensive content.
  • Horrible historical events.
  • The fact that the license plate may be assigned to another person.
  • Tags, that spread hateful and racist speech.
  • If the quantity of symbols is more than 7.
  • The DMV does not issue 1, 2, or 3 digit plates.

You can find almost all these points while searching for information about the Banned License Plates in Alabama.

Here are some examples of license plates that were denied by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles :

  • The DMV rejected these tags “DRTHVDR”, ”THTSBUL”, “KWEENB”, etc. Because these plates had been already assigned to another applicant.
  • Tags such as “MURICA”, “BADGUY”, “FELECIA”, “SEXYMA” were denied due to the inappropriate text.
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles denied the plate with “NAZI” tag considering that it refers to the horrible historical events. Yet you are free to use the names of the politicians on your vanity plates.

To realize the offensive meaning of the plates is not so easy. It demands high knowledge of the latest abbreviations and slang. Sometimes the employees may need to know even not English words.

Sometimes the numbers can stand for the letters. For example, “PHATA55”, where “5” stands for “S”. Or the applicants may use the number “4” instead of the letter “A” in the case of “FFS4KE”.

Custom plates in Connecticut

To get a custom plate you should follow these instructions:

  • You need to have a Connecticut valid registration.
  • You should pay all the taxes before the request.

The applicant can use combinations that contain up to 7 characters. For standard motorcycles, the tag can contain up to six characters and 1 dot. The veteran and classic motorcycle plates can contain up to five or four characters and 1 dot.

To get a classic vehicle plate your vehicle’s model should be 20 years old or even older. You must register your vehicle in the State of Connecticut. The fee for the vanity plate is $96.

If you want to replace the “Early American” plate with the “Classic vehicle” vanity plate, then you need to pay an extra $27.

But you need to consider that getting the “Classic vehicle” plate for the first time may cost up to $47. This will also include an extra fee for a two-year registration.

You can send your request online via this website.

Consider that you may get your new Connecticut Banned License Plates within 8 weeks.

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