Connecticut Insurance License

Connecticut Insurance License

Are you interested in getting an insurance license in Connecticut? Do you want to know whether your agent is licensed to sell insurance? Then Connecticut Department of insurance license lookup is all you will need. It will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your questions.

Starting your own business is not quite easy. It can be challenging from time to time. Besides, you will have to do lots of research for the CT insurance license lookup. That is why you should educate yourself on the following points below.

How do I get my insurance license in Connecticut?

To get an insurance license, a person is required to finish a pre-licensing course. The course consists of the following requirements:

  • 40 Hours on Life
  • 40 Hours on Property
  • 80 Hours on Life/Accident and Health
  • 40 Hours on Accident and Health
  • 40 Hours on Casualty
  • 80 Hours on Property and Casualty
  • 40 Hours on Personal lines

It’s important to know that the above-mentioned hours may vary in accordance with your choice of insurance license. The pre-licensing course may be completed either online or in a classroom.

It’s useful to mention that some people consider self-studying to be the most effective way. You can decide on the learning method, that will work best for you.

The pre-licensing course finishes with a final exam. To pass the exam, the applicant must get at least a total score of 70%. Only after this a Certificate of completion is given. Once the course is finished, one must pass the Connecticut licensing exam. The fee for every attempt is $79. Note, that you will need to register for the state licensing exam beforehand.

After successfully passing the exam, it’s time to apply for the insurance license. You can find the application details on the official website of the Connecticut Department of Insurance. For those, who get their insurance license, it is recommended to constantly stay in touch with new educational material to correspond with new requirements and overcome competition in the market.

How do I verify an insurance agent in Connecticut?

You can easily verify an insurance agent on Connecticut Department of insurance license lookup website and check the information about them. There you can see the list of licensed agents and companies.

Expiration Dates of insurance licenses in CT

In Connecticut, each agent has one calendar year for the license. Your license expires on the last day of your birth month. After the expiration, the renewal process must be completed to ensure a new year of a license to sell insurance. During time you need to submit a new application, fees, and sometimes even the exams.

The cost of an insurance license in Connecticut

To become an insurance agent, a person is required to pay a fixed amount of money. You can learn the fixed fees below:

  • Fee: $160.00
  • Online Application Fee: $140.00
  • Amendment Fee: $130.00
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