Connecticut Private Investigator License

Connecticut Private Investigator License

Working as a PI is easier if you have previously worked in this field. Do you have experience and reliable background? So, now you can apply for the Connecticut private investigator license. Our article will guide you through this process.

Main requirements

The first thing to consider is a proper background. Let’s accept it is difficult to conduct investigative services without it. The state requires applicants to have 5 years of full-time experience. However, there is an advantage for former police officers. Ten years as a police officer will substitute. Nevertheless, people currently vested with police powers cannot apply.

Overall, the main requirements are the following:

  • To be at least 25
  • To have 5-year experience
  • Not to have a felony record or misdemeanor offenses
  • To have a good moral character
  • To post a security bond

One of the conditions for licensing is to post a $10,000 state surety bond. You also have to provide a $300,000 General Liability Insurance Policy. The forms are also available here.

The local authorities require that the applicants are US citizens. It is also possible to get a permit with an INS Green card.

There is no specific point on mental health. Even so, people having problems need to verify the department. It can be a letter from a psychologist or a psychiatrist. This enables the department to check if the candidate is eligible.

Read the essential conditions carefully. Otherwise, you may face disqualification. This can happen if you have a criminal conviction or are unable to post a state bond.


The degree is not mandatory for a PI license. The minimum requirement is high school education. You need to present a high school diploma or a GED.

A certificate of training is not a must. However, participation in a private detective training course may help. A relevant certificate may substitute one year of experience.

The knowledge and skills definitely help during an interview. It is a part of the background process. The Commissioner will appoint an interview. This comes after an applicant submits all necessary documents.

Application procedure

Now let’s look through the list of required papers. It is quite long compared to other states. In addition to the notarized application form, you have to provide:

  • Two photographs
  • 2 completed fingerprint cards
  • Driver’s license
  • DD-214 form for military personnel
  • Proof of US citizenship/residence
  • Copy of diploma or a degree

Those willing to operate as private investigators also need to present reference letters. Ask someone to send a letter of character to the department directly. Do not ask family members, it is not acceptable. Overall, 4 letters are enough.
It’s necessary to submit all necessary information to SLFU within 60. Otherwise, you may face rejection.

Necessary fees

Getting an individual P.I. permit costs $1,450. The 2-year renewal fee is $625. For licensing a detective agency, you have to pay $1,750.

You also have to enclose a check or money order to fingerprint cards. A $75 and $13.25 orders are payable to the Treasurer.

Registering employees

Registration with SLFU is mandatory for the person you hire. A person managing the agency provides photographs and fingerprints. The employees undergo a background check. The employer pays $40.00 for each application.

Once approved, a new member of the detective agency will have an ID card. It usually contains the name, photo, and fingerprint index. A person has to carry an ID when engaged in detective activities.

To sum up, the term of a license is 24 months. One needs to file a renewal application 90 days before expiration.

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