Connecticut Plumbing License

Connecticut Plumbing License

If you conduct public plumbing and irrigation system services, you must obtain a Connecticut plumbing license to work legally. The permit will let you get a legal job in the state as well as show proof of your professional skills. All the plumbers need to attend state-approved internships, pass an exam, and make all the needed payments.

Apprenticeship Requirements

An internship can last up to 48 months to complete and to enroll in one, you should register with the Office of Apprenticeship Training.

The documents to fill in, sign, and provide to the local office are the following;

  • Registration Agreement
  • Journeyperson List
  • Invoice

The enrollment will cost $110. The documents may be mailed to the Office:

200 Folly Brook Boulevard
Wethersfield, CT 06109

Once done, wait for the answer and get ready for the next step.

Journeyman Requirements

Before you apply for a Journeyman permit, you should pass an internship and provide the required working experience proof. Local authorities determine the working experience required for each county.

If successfully passed the apprenticeship, you may be able to schedule the journeyman plumbers exam. To register for PSI licensing exam, the apprentice has to provide the following documents:

  • Approved apprenticeship program completion confirmation
  • Experience and practicum documents
  • An application fee
  • All needed application documentation, such as proof of identity, etc.

You have to fill in the P-2 form through PSI. To do so, you may either download the request form from the website or visit the local office in person.

What concerns fees you have to make a payment of $130 for examination and $120 for the licensure.

Connecticut Plumbing and Pipefitting License

For the journeyman plumber, you should have a copy of a current respective journeyman certificate that has been held for at least 24 months. You have to enroll in the special courses or apply to operate as an apprentice with a qualified plumbing contractor.

After completing the course, make a request form and pay for the exam. You may do it either online or in person. On the testing day, it would be better to arrive at least 30 minutes before.

You are required to score 70% or more to succeed. So, you are fully ready to get your Connecticut plumbing license.

Renewal and Continuing Education

You have to renew your certificate by the time specified on the certificate. Usually, you get a reminder about a month or 45 days before the due date.

CT is one of the few states that require you to pass continuing education training before you can be eligible to renew your certificate. The duration of lessons is different based on the type of your permit.

So, the licensees who have a limited permit are to pass 3 hours of the continuing education program and those with unlimited certification should provide 7 hours of training.

For renewal, licensed plumbers must attend continuing education classes for a total of 5 CE hours. As a condition of renewal, journeymen must complete training hours every odd-numbered year. As a prerequisite of renewal, contractors must complete continuing education hours every even-numbered year.

Reciprocity of Connecticut Plumbing License

As in most of the states of the U.S, in Connecticut as well there is no reciprocity program. If you already have an out-of-state certificate and want to move to this state, you will have to start it again and apply for a new permit. However, you can at least preserve your work experience and thus be qualified as an apprentice.

How long does it take to get your permit?

Generally, it’s up to the working experience you have to determine how long will the licensure process last. So, if taking into account you need at least 24 months of apprenticeship, then about four years in total, it won’t take less than five years. Take into account that you must also take an exam and complete a full training program (nearly four years) before you can apply for a master’s license.

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