Connecticut Electrical License

Connecticut Electrical License

You must get a Connecticut electrical license if you are interested in the field. Make sure you follow the proper steps prior to working in the state. This guide covers them all.

Primary Requirements

The Department of Consumer Protection has 10 types of permits. Accordingly, it handles the process. It sets standards and rules regarding that. In addition, you have to figure out which one you need. Even so, there are basic requirements pertaining to:

  • Instruction
  • Expertise
  • Paperwork


Junior candidates learn and work at the same time through apprenticeships. No certificate is needed for this stage. However, the only precondition is registering with the state. The registration fee is $110.

As a rule, employers or schools offer such programs. Be attentive and look for announcements.


Journeypersons may obtain a C-6, E-2, L-2, L-6, and T-2 certificate. It mainly depends on the scope of responsibilities. They all have their subcategories. To obtain one, you should fulfill these demands. They are as follows:

  • Completing an approved program
  • Or having a minimum of 8.000 hours of experience
  • Holding a field degree is an alternative
  • Paying the application fee of $90

Electrician Contractor

There are different classifications for electrician contractors. C-5, E-1, L-1, L-5, and T-1 permits are available. To get yours, you are to:

  • Be a journeyperson (for at least two years)
  • Or, show evidence of similar experience (six years)
  • Pass the test and pay $150

Examinations and Application

Future electricians must take an exam as well. Call at (855) 746-8171 and reserve your spot. You may also register online. It is available 24 hours a day. You can also reschedule or cancel your appointment. This way, the fee will not be forfeited.

To begin with, fill in the application form and provide the following information:

  • Full legal name
  • Social Security Number (request will not be processed without disclosing it)
  • Address (jurisdiction, zip code)
  • Telephone
  • Email

Lastly, make the due payments. Note that you can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Once ready, send the original letter to this mailing address:

3210 East Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89121

On the examination day, have valid identification with you. Accordingly, they must bear your signature. Furthermore, one of them shall have your photograph.

West Hartford, Milford, Auburn, and Boston are common site locations. Not to forget about Fall River and Springfield.

The passing score is 70%. Fortunately, you have the right to retake it in case you fail.


In Connecticut, electrical licenses expire every year on September 30th. The department sends notices about 30-45 days before it expires. Hence, you ought to renew it prior to the expiration date.

You can renew online. Firstly, log into your account and enter your User ID. Finally, provide your password and watch the instructions. With this in mind, submit the associated costs. They are $120 and $150 based on the document you hold.


Currently, Connecticut does not have reciprocity agreements. Therefore, you are to present your out-of-state electrical license for eligibility. After that, complete the above-mentioned steps and receive the right to practice there.

Contact Information

Department of Consumer Protection
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901
Hartford, 06103-1840
Phone: (860) 713-6100
Complaint Line: (800) 842-2649



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