Connecticut Secretary of State

Connecticut Secretary of State

The Connecticut Secretary of State performs a number of responsibilities, including services for individuals and businesses. Any business filing, registration, and other forms of commercial activities are completed and approved through this regulatory body.

How to Register a New Business?

When starting a new enterprise, it is essential that you register it with Connecticut. This will help CT to have accurate information about your enterprise.

You have the opportunity to complete the whole process online. The registration is simple as long as you have the following documents ready and at hand:

  • The title of your company
  • The address
  • The email address
  • The agent’s name
  • NAICS code of your business

If you are having any difficulty with this part, there are checklist tools and services that help you keep track of where you are at. They generate a personalized action plan with instructions that will guide you throughout the whole process.

The registration has a one-time fee of $100.

How to Conduct an LLC Search?

If you wish to acquire information on an existing LLC, there is a web database with specifics on all registered corporations in Connecticut. This tool allows visitors to verify the availability of a certain LLC title or find relevant facts on the enterprise.

First of all, when it comes to title availability, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is search the words that you wish to use and see if there is an already existing corporation with them.

  • If you find a match, this means that the name is already taken. You should create some other variation or choose something else.
  • In case the results are similar but distinguishable from yours, then you may take it.
  • If the name that appears in the results is too similar to that of yours, and it is possible to confuse the two, then you should come up with something else.
  • When there are no records found, then you may freely take it as you initially intended to.

Secondly, you can utilize this search tool to verify some information on any registered corporation. To acquire it, you need to first search for the title of the entity of interest. If the results are too many, you can filter them out by specifying the corporation status, the type, the entity type, and the dates.

After you locate the name you are interested in, click on it, and it will take you to more details. The information includes general details, filing history, name history, and shares.

Here you will also see the name of the agent and the principal, as well as the address of the LLC, and so much more.

How to File Documents?

Most of the filings are performed online. For that, you ought to have an account. In this part, note that if you are trying to sign in through “forgot the password/username” and it still does not work, then you do not have an account on that email. Either way, once you are in the system, you may file using the "submit paper filing" option on the left side menu.

Although strongly discouraged, it is possible to hand-deliver or resort to mail for filing. However, this is going to take much more time, and expedited services are not available in this case, unlike the online option. In any case, if you decide to choose hand delivery or mail, be sure that it complies with the list below:

  • Check for the payment or money order.
  • Have completed and signed paperwork.
  • The envelope has to be addressed accurately to the right address.

Covering the Fees

When it comes to payment, you can pay with a card or via other online payment methods.

If you are using the second option, then you should send the check for the payment to the Secretary of the State.

Contact Information

To contact the Connecticut Secretary of State and their office, you can utilize their contact information. You can also visit their website for further clarifications and access any forms that you may need.

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