Connecticut Barber License

Connecticut Barber License

Professions in the beauty industry are quite rewarding these days. To pursue this career in Connecticut, you need a CT barber license. This article goes through all the specifics of how to obtain a permit.

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Before applying for a certification, make sure you meet all the standards. Some of them are general and affect all practitioners in the state. Regardless of the profession, felony or previous criminal behavior might disqualify you.

When it comes to educational background, you should have completed your education at least until 8th grade or have an equivalent. In this case, show the equivalence by a General Education Test or any Ability to Benefit Examination.

In addition, take no less than 1,000 hours of hairstyling classes. Be sure to study in an institution approved by the board. You may also complete your education in an out-of-state institution. But it has to be certified by their local regulatory body. The same situation is present in Indiana as well.

You must also pass an examination organized by Prometic. The exam is available both in English and in Spanish languages. Further details and registration information are on the Prometric website.


After meeting all the requirements, and getting the necessary training, start the application process. The mandatory documents for the packet are listed below:

  • Proof of 8th-grade schooling (notarized)
  • Affidavit of Hour’s Form (submitted directly by the institution)
  • Exam results (sent directly)
  • A photograph

Submit the full paperwork along with the photo online. There is a fee of $100.

Whether current or expired, if you have authorization from other jurisdictions, have them send a verification form. Most of the time, they charge money for this. Contact the authorities of their jurisdiction for information on costs beforehand.

Send all the supporting documents from their source to this address:

CT Dept of Public Health
410 Cap. Ave., MS # 12 APP

P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134
Tel: (860) 509-7603
Fax: (860) 707-1930
email: [email protected]

After submission, they issue the permit within three to four weeks. That is if you are approved. You will receive an email containing your authorization number and effective date. In the third week of the following month, you shall get the notification when the authorization was issued.


If you already have a current certificate from another jurisdiction, you can request a certification based on that. If your permit was issued based on proper schooling and examination, this is applicable. It requires:

  • Full paperwork packet
  • Photo
  • Verification mentioned in the section above
  • The same cost as in the standard case


The certificate expires every two years. You will receive a notification 60 days before the expiration date. It contains instructions on the procedure for online renewal. The cost is $100.

Those who are active in the Armed forces may request a waiver from the renewal fee. For this, in addition to the papers, they ought to submit:

  • Proof from the Army
  • Residency sheet

For more

To access the online application and all the necessary sheets, visit the Department of Public Health website.

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